3 creative Easter egg ideas you haven’t tried before

Easter is a joyous occasion and that calls for something special. Once, you’ve decorated your home and maked some homemade delicious candy, it’s time to check out the unique Easter eggs. These ideas comes together quickly using inexpensive materials.

1. Hipster-Easter egg

Photo: traveloutthere.com

Funny mustaches are very popular these days and there are on everything, so why not your Easter eggs, too? The hipster-ish designs will delight kids and adults alike. They’re extremely easy to make with printable tattoo papers. The necessary tattoo paper can be find on Amazon. 2 printable sheets are $10 and you can easily decorate 30 eggs with each sheet. You can print anything and transfer it onto boiled eggs. Don’t forget: let the eggs cool to room temp in cold water before adding tattoos. If you want, you can dye them first and mix in a couple of brown or super white ones, they will look so pretty!

2. Decoupage design

Photo: bywilma.com

You can easily decorate your eggs with cut-outs of paper. Good idea if you cut out pictures from magazines, news papers or colorful party napkins, but you can also download and print beautiful images from the web. Take note: choose images that are small enough to be glued onto an egg and don’t use paper that too thick and glossy. Glue the images onto the eggs, if you’re planning to eat them, use boiled ones. Continue gluing until you’ve cover the entire eggs, then let them dry. You can use paint brush or cotton swab to smooth the cut-outs. Decoupage is one of the coolest way to decorate Easter eggs.

3. Classic look

Photo: pinterest.com

Using markers is a creative and quick way to paint Easter eggs. They’re great for create patterns, writing names or adding short, personal messages. To get started, all you need are some well-shaped, extra white eggs and colorful markers. If you use black and white ones, the design will be very clean and modern. Don’t worry, the less-than-perfect hand-drawn patterns give them a bit of specificness. If you blow them out instead of boiling them, you can put the eggs in a big bowl or glass jar. In this case your family can enjoy the decoration during the spring season.


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